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BAKE 113: Principles of Design: Student Projects & Exhibits


The Assignment

Student Artwork on Display in the Hilton Library


Theme: "The Year of Fire Rooster"


Oliva Awe, Paige Beaulieu, Morgan Burkhardt, Mckayla Dietzen, Hanna Haiman, Weny Halim, Erin Jay, Celine Krause, Brittany Lichtenberg, Meghan McGarvey,Jordan Miller, Isaac Ortiz, Ariana Romanowski, Katira Santiago, Renee Stastny,Baylee Svenonius, Olivia William.

Project:  Linoleum block printing

Linoleum printing is a form of relief printing, one of the easiest and most direct of all the printmaking methods. Linocuts can be simplistic and graphic, or as intricately detailed as you want. It's a subtractive process, meaning you cut away, or subtract, the areas you do not want to print.


Carving tools
Roller or Brayer, spoons, papers


The Culinary Institute of America | Conrad N. Hilton Library | 1946 Campus Drive | Hyde Park, NY 12538-1430
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